The Big IDEA: Go ahead — Ask me how I’m doing.

By Anton D. Johnson II, Intern, The Big IDEA

“I’m excited.”

Now I know that sounds underwhelming, but it’s the truth.

After two weeks in the Big IDEA Internship, I’m left with mostly excitement (that other feeling is proud — I mean, I’ve gotten a lot done over the last month).

I’m working on projects that challenge me in all the best ways. My teammates and supervisors encourage me to ask questions and to think about things differently.

So, whenever anyone asks me how I’m doing, I tell them that I’m excited and I mean it. It’s been so nice to be a part of a team that wants me to succeed. (I guess that’s why they brought me here, right?!).

When I applied for this position, it was to close those gaps between being a student and a professional. Now that I’m here I have to say, it’s very exciting when things go according to plan (or maybe that’s my OCD talking 😳 — I thoroughly enjoy sticking to a plan). By working with the team at Oyster, I’m able to watch how these extremely talented professionals get things done. I’m excited to keep learning and applying techniques and practices to mold myself into the professional I have the potential to be. It’s not going to happen overnight, and I’m willing to acknowledge that. In the words of Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers, “Trust the Process”.

While there is no way to know exactly what the future holds, I’m an extra-firm believer in controlling what you can control and not worrying about what you can’t. I’ve found some peace of mind in that. That’s why I’m so excited to keep working in this program. As an intern (for now 😉), I believe that each day I come to work, I’m taking necessary steps towards diving into a successful future in the professional industry of my choosing.

I’ve said excited a handful of times now, so I’m sorry for the repetitiveness. Truthfully though, that’s the one word that comes to mind when I think of the opportunities still in front of me. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been living for 21 years now, and I still have so much left to accomplish. So yeah, I’m excited to see what’s in store for me. 😁