Pearls: Stop Trying So Hard

By Megan Clista, Public Relations & Social Media Specialist

Maybe it’s writer’s block (TBT to my college poetry professor telling me, “You’re not yet good enough to have writer’s block). Maybe it’s simply a creative drought from living in the set of Groundhog Day this past year. But just when I think I have something worthwhile to say, it can get away from me.

As creators, we’re the first buy-in to our own idea, and it’s our duty to commit to it.

When I kicked-off my full-time career with Oyster back in September, I didn’t realize how often I would struggle creatively. But if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past four months, it’s that my boss, mentor and potentially life coach, Dan, has some kick ass advice on how to get through it.

Be willing to come up with bad ideas.

Sorry to the person who insists: “No idea is a bad idea.” You’re wrong (although I’ve definitely been that person). Don’t let that deter you. The bad ideas help you get to the good stuff.

Fall in love with the idea, not the execution.

You’re assigned a project. Toss around ideas. Land on a good one. Suddenly, your passion moves faster than logic. You’re picturing an execution. I get it, we’ve all been there. But, when you fall in love with one plan and it doesn’t work out, the idea can get lost. Don’t get stuck on one execution.

(Best) Practices Shmactices.

Want a best practice? Be interesting. Find your brand’s “angle.” Sometimes we have to follow suit, but most times originality is the best thing you can offer your audience.

Limited attention is limited space.

This piece of advice came from a much-too-long section of copy, but speaks to a broader principle. Limited attention may be limited space, but your ideas are not limited. Be playful with your content. Work with what you’ve got and don’t be afraid to push it — in fact, always push it.

Write how you talk.

It was a cold, blistery, winter day when Dan said to me: “As a copywriter, you’re not a poet. Don’t be too clever for your audience.” Ouch. Simplicity is key. Not every idea will be the next Nike®, and that’s okay. Don’t complicate your own process with self-criticism.

When life gives you no inspiration whatsoever, stop trying so hard. We get stuck when we assume our half-baked idea will amount to nothing. Instead, try committing to it.

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