Pearls: Allegory of the Oyster Cave

  1. The nervous, child-like butterflies on the first day back. Feels like the first day of school.
  2. Group walks to the next meeting feeling like a badass with the power of your team behind you.
  3. Speedy typing from everyone around you. Are any of us actually working?
  4. Going to lunch with colleagues (and simply taking breaks to make conversation).
  5. Shutting down the computer EOD, and leaving the office to forget about work and focus on life. Seriously, I struggle with this with WFH.
  6. *Jazzy, elevator-ish office playlist in background* and drowning it out with your own music. But seriously hearing something other than yourself talk all day is so nice.
  7. White noise of the building fans blasting. Yeah, I actually like this.
  8. A small smirk I catch myself making when someone I don’t know laughs loudly in the communal space.
  9. Where is Jeff? And Laura’s 50 sneezes a day. AKA things you don’t know unless you work in-person with your colleagues.
  10. And, finally, the gaps on my calendars that come from chatter and small talk — they’re underrated.




Raw ideas to real results. Creative agency based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Oyster Creative Co.

Oyster Creative Co.

Raw ideas to real results. Creative agency based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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